Resin Flooring Installation

December 11, 2014

The Platinum team regularly undertake resin floor installation services.


Resin flooring is a highly versatlie and durable product that is becoming a very popular flooring solution in commercial environments. 


Platinum resin flooring is completely seamless and an extremely hygienic alternative flooring solution that is easy to clean down. 


The Resin Flooring installation process is very simple as shown below: 


Step 1:


The first step when installing our resin flooring is to ensure that existing floors are level and clean


Step 2: 


We ensure all flooring tiles (if existing) are free from grease/latex etc. prior to resin flooring installation


Step 3:


We clean and prepare the floor ready for our resin flooring to be poured


Step 4:


We scatter the floor with an even layer of aggregate/stone for adhesion purposes


Step 5:


We ensure that the scatter includes the corners of the room for a completely smooth finish


Step 6:


We then lay the body coat using the prescribed manufacturers methods with a curing time of just 2 hours


Step 7:


We always ensure that even distribution is acheived across the entire floor for a completely seam-free surface


Step 8:


Close examination will identify any pit marks or open areas


Step 9:


The next step is to lay the coving on top of the floor


Step 10:


We always ensure that the coving is sealed evenly around the pipework


Step 11:


We then apply the seal coat to complete the installation - The whole process can be completed within just 2 hours!




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