Resin Flooring Installation 

What is resin flooring?


“A resin floor is a hard wearing surface, created by mixing together a selection of ingredients to initiate a fast and controlled chemical reaction. The chemical reaction creates a highly durable finish, ideal for the heaviest use environments”.


Resin flooring is an extremely tough and durable synthetic product. Resin is a poured substance which levels out to create a completely seam-free surface which can incorporate coved skirting.


Resin flooring is an ideal choice where a hygienic floor surface is required, particularly in commercial kitchens.

All of our flooring systems have anti-slip qualities and comply with British Standards.



What makes a resin floor? 























What are the benefits of resin flooring?


· All of Platinum’s resin flooring systems are completely seam-free which makes them extremely hygienic and easy to clean down


· We offer our flooring solutions in any colour or texture to suit requirements


· Resin is extremely long-lasting compared to other floors such as Vinyl (Altro) or tiled floors


· Resin flooring can be applied to an existing surface such as tiles


· Our resin systems only take two hours to fully sure which ensures faster return to full use—We can work over night which guarantees no closures to business








Ultra Fast Cure Time at Temperatures down to -30°


The unique characteristics of our resins mean that all stages of installation (priming, coating and sealing) can be undertaken with minimal, if any, waiting time between applications and that just 2 hours after installation is complete, our systems are fully cured and ready for immediate use.


This feature alone separates Platinum’s resins from other resin products such as polyurethane, polyaspartic and epoxy which suffer from significantly longer curing periods, both between installation stages and the time to ultimate cure.


The curing process for our systems is unaffected by temperature and hence the 2 hour cure can be achieved in temperatures as low as -30°C, thus avoiding the cost and inconvenience of extended cure times and / or having to heat spaces to raise temperatures.



Exceptional bond to most substrates including; concrete, steel, tiles, other resins, asphalt and marine ply


Our unique reactive primers key deep into the substrate to achieve outstanding bond strength. Where required, specialist additives are also used to etch and further strengthen the bond onto substrates such as steel and tiles, avoiding the cost and disruption of removal.


The outstanding characteristics of our primer technology, coupled with an unrivalled range of body coat and seal resins allow us to complete installations in the most challenging of situations, often without the need to remove existing finishes, thus avoiding significant cost, mess and disruption.



Outstanding slip resistance that can be tailored to suit requirements


All of our systems are designed to deliver outstanding slip resistance in the environments for which they were designed. However, to provide ultimate customer flexibility, all of our systems can be tailored to offer just the right balance between slip resistance and cleanability so that each finish is safe, looks great, but is also easy to live with and use day to day.


For more demanding environments, quartz aggregates are broadcast onto the surface of uncured resin and become suspended close to the surface to give the floor the desired slip resistant properties. This texture is permanently sealed in by applying finishing coats of resin resulting in an extremely hardwearing, evenly textured floor finish that will retain its slip-resistant properties throughout its agreed   design life.


To provide peace of mind to our customers, all of our systems are independently tested to BS7976 (or therelevant industry standard) to provide irrefutable evidence of the performance on offer.



Unrivalled range of decorative finishes


Our systems can be supplied in a wide range of colour variations, from either our standard ranges or by mixing and matching to a clients exact requirements to create a bespoke finish. We can also create matches to existing on-site finishes or competitor products - all we need is a sample.


The flexibility we can offer has enabled our customers to achieve stunning finishes that are totally unique and often matched to corporate colours and / or the latest design trends.



Flexible finishes that do not shrink 


Each resin flooring installation is unique, so the choice of resins will follow a detailed assessment of site conditions to deliver outstanding performance. All of our resins offer a degree of flexibility to ensure that neat and durable detailing can be achieved.


In addition, our resins provide excellent shrink resistant characteristics so they can be used to finish our systems directly up to gulley's, channels, manhole covers and many other areas.


Features of Resin Flooring: